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Synergy 1040 Synergy 1040 Synergy 1080 Synergy 2080 Synergy 1080

Synergy controllers are available in a number of formats to provide cost effective control with a comprehensive range of onboard facilities, supported by extensive onboard facilities, are key benefits of this innovative new range of controllers.

Synergy 2080 Synergy XM80 Synergy XM80 Synergy 2160 Synergy E2083 Synergy E2083 Synergy 2160

The AU4 is a four channel audio router, volume control, amplifier designed to operate in conjunction with the SPC and Synergy controllers or as a stand-alone unit.


The SPC-PP1 allow the Synergies and other iKON controllers to control an electric projector screen or any other mains voltage device.