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Podules MTX-A88 Ethernet Adapters & Buffers Modules Resources iKON AVS

Podule Controllers

The Podule controllers are capable of being used individually or networked together to create diverse control applications. They are also suitable for mission critical systems where status feedback and redundancy are required.

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The MTX-A88 is an easily controlled and configured central stereo audio processor.


Adapters & Buffers

A series of adapters & active video / audio buffers to solve may connection and installation problems.

Buffers Buffers Buffers Adapters Adapters Adapters


A range of of Ethernet controlled products and solutions.


A range of DIN rail mounted audio and interface adapters.

Modules Modules Modules Modules

Whilst hard to believe, not all system requirements can be met from out standard range of products. For the more demanding and unusual requirements we have a range of control and interface products specifically engineered for these situations.