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The purpose of this seminar is to give a practical introduction to the use of both analogue and digital video. It’s not intended as an in-depth technical appraisal but more biased towards the practicalities of using video to enhance or augment audio. Its

regrettable that all to often a video presentation is let down by poor quality sound, so perhaps with a professional audio engineer in charge, this situation can change.

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Whilst we all expect the technology we use to operate flawlessly, alas it’s not always the case. Sometimes it’s just the choice of inappropriate equipment for the function or it may be the result of inept or sloppy configuration or programming. There are

however some critical situations when the failure to function correctly is not only annoying but also potentially catastrophic.

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With increasing emphasis on digital audio, PCB design requirements for analogue and mixed signal audio are often neglected. This short seminar revisits many design considerations often neglected or overlooked in striving to achieve optimum audio performance and reduction of EMC and Digital interaction.

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