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Front panel HDMI socket to screw terminals allowing the repair of HDMI cables

Supplied with connection instructions showing typical cable colour codes and screwdriver.

Required depth = 30mm

Request HDMI-ST connection details

Please Note:

There is no industry standard for HDMI cables. Different manufactures use different coloured cores in their cables. Also the manufactures change the colours of the cores inside their cables, so even through you may buy cables from the same place, no two cables are always the same.

The HDMI-ST Connection Sheet, gives typical pin-outs and shows examples, and is for reference only.

You should verify this for the cable you are using.

We recommend you pin-out your cable using a multi-meter and the HDMI cable plugged into the HDMI-ST Adapter to find out which cable core goes to which connection.

Even though we supply HDMI cables, we cannot give the pin-out for these cables supplied, for the reasons stated above.
To find out the pin-out of your HDMI cable, please contact the cable manufacture.


Front and rear panel HDMI sockets.
For use with pre-made HDMI cables.

Required depth = 20mm plus connector

Front panel HDMI socket linked to a 90deg HDMI socket internally. For use with pre-made HDMI cables.

Required depth = 20mm



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All the above adapters are compatible up to HDMI version 1.4