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Synergy operation

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There are three base models, the 2080, 1080 and 1040. All configured using Windows™ based software that provides effortless drag and drop programming.

The panels have four or eight buttons which can be programmed to operate in numerous modes of operation.

A bi-directional RS232 port gives control over projectors, displays and other RS232 devices.

One/two IR ports can support either single or dual IR emitters for control of devices such as amplifiers and players.

RS232 and IR commands can be loaded from the embedded libraries or user created files.

Two outputs provide control of external relays and indicators. These can use the built-in screen control, projector lift and power control routines, or to operate other devices.

An input which can be used with an external PIR sensor for room occupancy sensing or used as an extra button

input which can operate independently from or in parallel with a main panel button. The 2080 has a second input

which can provide panel locking, remote power down or as an additional external button.

The Syn-Link port provides linking of panels in multi-room systems, connection to Synergy peripherals, or control from a PC. This port can also be firmware upgraded to operate as a second bi-direction serial port for control of other equipment.

The panel will fit a standard depth UK back box and is provided with detachable screw terminals for ease of installation.

Synergy AU4 audio controllers are available for use as a Synergy expansion device connected via the Syn-Link port and require no additional programming to use other than assigning buttons to inputs on the main control panel software.

All AU4 audio controllers feature a microphone input that is mixed with the program audio and the microphone can be muted via either a dedicated switch or via the Synergy panel.

An appropriate power supply is included.

Panel upgrading Buttons operation Syn-Link port
Synergy Panel upgrading Buttons operation Syn-Link port