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SPC Connections and installation

SPC Connect.pdf

SPC Programming guide

SPC Quick User Guide.pdf

SPC-PP1 Connections and installation

SPC-PP1 Connect.pdf

SPC to Mitsubishi Projector Connections

SPC to Mitsubishi Connections.pdf

SPC to NEC Projector Connections

SPC to NEC Connections.pdf

SPC to Panasonic Projector Connections

SPC to Panasonic Connections.pdf

SPC to Sanyo Projector Connections

SPC to Sanyo Connections.pdf


SC-AMP Connections and installation

SC-AMP Connect.pdf


Synergy 1040 & 1080 Connections

Synergy Connect 1040 & 1080.pdf

Synergy 2080 Connections

Synergy Connect 2080.pdf

Using the Synergy Firmware Update Utility

Using the Synergy Firmware Update Utility.pdf

Using the Synergy controllers


DIN modules

DM-balance module use and connection details


DM-RS232 use and connection details

Connections for the RS232.pdf

DM-RS485 use and connection details

Connections for the RS485.pdf


DADO-ST adapter, connection and cable colours

DADO-ST Connect.pdf

DADO-STA adapter, connection and cable colours

DADO-STA Connect.pdf

DVI-ST connections

DVI-ST connect.pdf

DVI-ST mounting detail

DVI-ST mount.pdf

HDMI-ST Adapter. Mounting and connection detail

detail available on request please click here

RJ45-ST adapter connections

Connections for the RJ45-ST.pdf

USB-ST adapter connections

Connection for the USB-ST.pdf

Volume control modules

EP-LVC-25 Module

LVC25 Connections

EP-LVC51 Module

LVC51 Connections

Here you will find info on how to connect to and use our products