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The HPA-80 is a 40 watt per channel stereo amplifier fabricated in a 100mm Euro format module,


The SGA-40 is a 20 watt per channel stereo amplifier fabricated in a 50mm Euro format module,



25mm module utilising the AB-25 board, active audio buffer with dual phono inputs and balanced line outputs

XVGA Podule
Audio/video switcher controller

A highly versatile 4:1+1 XVGA and audio switcher with programmable features. The XVGA Podule allows for direct display control as well as auto switching. Input selection can be from the front panel buttons.

This two-part In-Ceiling amplifier with the convenience of a 55 watt per channel ceiling mounted main amplifier section along with a wall mounting input panel offering a total of 4 selectable inputs.


The AU4P is a four channel audio router, volume control and amplifier designed to operate in conjunction with the SPC and Synergy controllers or as a stand-alone unit.