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Robust, reliable and easy to use – the formula from iKON

Reliability through quality and simplicity is the ethos of iKON AVS – which is perfectly summed up in the practicality with which innovations have been applied to their ranges of connection panels.

With a wide selection of finishes from brushed aluminium through chrome to traditional white available on robust metal or high quality panels iKON’s range of input plates is impressive. Practical input from installers is evident in neat designs that make the plates appear both quick and easy to install yet robust enough to withstand the rigors of daily use. Yet better news is that for those with specific needs the iKON manufacturing unit in the West Midlands is able to provide custom solutions. Check out the web site at www.ikonavs.com for full details but here are just a few examples.

Designed for use in Dado trunking or UK back boxes the range of pre-engraved single and double gang panels is available with a wide variety of panel and internal connector configurations. The panels utilise high quality Crabtree blanks and are machined on the back to recess the connectors, achieving both the required mounting depth as well as greatly enhancing the strength of the panels. The ranges encompass a number of variants regarding connectivity possibilities, including HDMI and USB versions with a type A USB socket on the front panel terminated onto internal screw terminals. A range of custom options and finishes are available. iKON’s confidence in quality of their Dado Panels extends to a lifetime warranty against breakage, in addition to the usual 3-year warranty.

To provide further choice iKON have a range of black and white interface units designed to fit standard 50mm and 25mm ‘snap in’ plates. David Tyas, MD at iKON, said: “We wanted to create something that would work well in all environments and these plates look good with simple white plastic frames as well as chrome, brass, stainless and, of course, black.  Also they fit into the same system as a host of off the shelf networking and power products from other electrical manufacturers, so they present a simple solution for add-on features to domestic and commercial interiors.”

For those looking for robust floor plates iKON have a range of Angled Floor Plates. These quick and easy to install floor box panels are designed to fit most Crabtree, Britmac and MK floor boxes. They are specifically designed with a recess to make connecting easier and to provide a flush finish when fitted to avoid damage when closing them. All have screw terminals eliminating the need to solder connections on-site. The floor box panels can be supplied with either passive or active VGA and Audio connectors and there is also an add-on screw terminal AV board for any of the floor box panels.

Synergy - new AV controllers from iKON AVS

A range of audio visual controllers that offers much more than the individual parts – true Synergy!

Quick and easy programming, combined with extensive onboard facilities and simplicity of expansion, are key benefits of this innovative new range of controllers.

Synergy controllers are available in a number of formats to provide cost effective, easily configured control with a comprehensive range of onboard facilities.  But being an iKON product that’s not all, as all Synergy controllers can be expanded with both software and hardware to provide a wide range of control and interface options including Touch Control, Ethernet Control and BMS interface.

There are three base models, the 2080, 1080 and 1040. All configured using Windows™ based software that provides effortless drag and drop programming.

A bi-directional RS232 port provides control over displays and other RS232 devices. Two IR ports can support either single or dual IR emitters for control of devices such as amplifiers and players. Outputs provide control for devices such as built-in screens and projector control whilst inputs are available for use with devices such as PIR detectors.

The Syn-Link port provides linking of panels in multi-room systems, connection to Synergy peripherals, or control from a PC. This port can also be upgraded to operate as a second bi-direction serial port for control of other equipment.

The panel will fit a standard depth UK back box and is provided with detachable screw terminals for ease of installation.

For more details visit www.ikonavs.com/synergy

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