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Press release Euro8

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iKON AVS Press Release September 2008

iKON unveil the new versatile control interface – the Euro 8 Podule.

A new addition to the Podule family of products that include control panels, relay control, infra red controllers and touch screens, the Euro8Podule fits the specifications for all small system control applications.

The Module itself is a diminutive 50mm x 50mm unit with dual colour LED buttons and fully programmable and definable functions.  Complete with a bi-directional RS232 interface and 2 x infra red emitters the Podule fills all the requirements for a small system controller.

As well as being able to function as a stand alone controller the Euro 8 Podule integrates seamlessly with other iKON units to offer VGA, audio and video switching, screen power control and a host of other fuctions through the on board Podnet link via CAT5.

Fully compatible with all Euro style frames the Euro8Podule sits neatly alongside the new Euro Panel adapters that are also manufactured by iKON AVS at their Worcestershire factory.  The Euro Panels are a range of snap in interface modules that enable users to create a stylish range of interface plates on site using frames in almost any finish required.

The Euro 8 Podule is ideal for classroom, boardroom and home installation requirements.