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June 2011

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Welcome to the iKON AVS news letter keeping you up to date with the latest developments and new products.

iKON AVS have been manufacturing innovative AV control and connectivity products since 2002. An independent UK owned company we pride ourselves in offering high quality, innovative and award winning products with excellent pre and post sales service.

Latest News

New Product Announcements

Synergy Syn-Link – panel linking for multi-room control

Multi-room linking, quick and easy programming, combined with extensive onboard facilities and simplicity of expansion, are key benefits of this innovative new range.

The Syn-Link port provides linking of panels in multi-room systems, connection to Synergy peripherals, or control from a PC. This port can also be upgraded to operate as a second bi-direction serial port for control of other equipment. Using the Syn-Link port, panels can be linked as either Master / Slave, Slave / Master or Dual Master configurations with no software overheads or additional programming. This port is also used to connect the AU4 series of audio controllers, again with simple tick box programming. The Syn-Link port can also be used to connect the Synergy panel to a PC. Once connected the software application generates a simple graphical representation of the Synergy panel on the PC whilst also enabling two way control. This can be further extended using iKON's SynTouch software, and software key, to create true GUI control screens.

Synergy AU4

The AU4 is a 4 input to 1 output audio controller. It features a microphone input that is mixed with the program audio, and the microphone can be muted via either a dedicated switch or via the Synergy panel. There is also volume control over the program audio.  

It can be connected to any of the Synergy panels via the Syn-Link port and requires no additional programming other than the assigning buttons on the Synergy panel to audio inputs on the AU4 in the Synergy panel software. It can also be used as a 'Stand alone' RS232 controlled input selector and volume control.

Multi-buy Value packs - Ask about the Savings!


Save £80 with our bulk packs of 10 amplifiers.

The SGA-40BP (SGA-40BP/E) provides 10 SGA-40 amplifiers with UK (Euro) power supplies for a total of RRP £880 excluding VAT and delivery.

That's a saving off the MRP of £80.

For more details click this link: www.ikonavs.com/SGA-40


Save £74 with a bulk pack of 10 DADO-STA Adapters

HD15 for VGA with a 3.5mm stereo jack for audio, both terminated in screw terminals. All active pins are available with both pin numbers and RGBHV connections highlighted.

Save almost £50 with a bulk pack of 10 DADO-ST Adapters. HD15 for VGA with internal screw terminals and panel mounting.

Don't Forget

We also supply accessories

              HDMI cable from just £3.02/m*

              Back boxes. E.g. Drywall 35mm deep for Dado-1G panels. From £1.75 each*

Online Catalogues

To provide fast and convenient access to our catalogues you now have the choice of access through the iKON AVS web site or via this link www.issuu.com/iKONavs

Please note that newer products may not be featured so please request our individual Product Sheets.

* Prices exclude VAT and delivery. Minimum quantities may apply.