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Floor plate service

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Here at iKON we have a "Can Do Attitude" that enables us to make custom sized floor boxes and panels, that you may require/specify to solve the problem of getting your required services to where you need them.

It does not matter to us if we produce one floor box/panel or a hundred floor boxes/panels for a project because whether your need is large or small, we manufacture your plate with the connectors you require. Custom floor boxes and panels are something we manufacture reguarly.

At iKON we can design your floor box and get it into production. Normally it takes only one day after the request to have a drawing in the Engineer's hands. It might take several revisions to get it just right but once it's approved it can go into production and within 10 to 15 working days you can have custom floor boxes and panels. Ask some companies how fast they can produce a custom panels and their answer would be that they will not make anything custom unless you want hundreds of them.

It is not only custom floor boxes we get requests for, but for all types of  plates as well, that are needed to complete a project. iKON can manufacture custom plates for you and make them better.

If you need something designed for you that will take some of that installation pressure off your shoulders,  contact us and give us a chance. You will never be disappointed, just let us know your required panel measurements, connector requirements and any engraving you require or alternatively ask one of our Experienced Technicians for advice.

Custom items once ordered cannot be cancelled or returned for refund/credit.