Syn-Link port
Serial control (Link via serial 2)

This mode of operation is only available on the Synergy 1042, 1082 and 2082 versions of firmware upgrade. In this mode the buttons and operating states can be controlled by RS232 serial strings and will output serial strings when a button is pressed/released on an operating state is changed. This will allow the panel to control or be controlled by third party control equipment. It could for example be used to extend a building control system or replace equipment that is no longer available.

Using the Syn-Link port, panels can be linked as either Master / Slave, Slave / Master or Dual Master configurations with no software overheads or additional programming. Linked operation can be permanent or switched between linked and stand alone operation using any button or via one of the control inputs (e.g. from a room divide sensor). When in stand alone operation both panel will operate independently.

When switched into master/slave operation the slave panel will set it's LED's and operating state to that of the master panel, i.e. turn displays and peripherals on/off and/or to the correct input. The slave button panel buttons will then be disabled and operation of the system will be from the master panel buttons. The slave panel LED's will follow that of the master panel. The slave panel will also control connected displays and peripherals in the programmed manner.

There are three master/slave operating modes.

The designated master panel will take control of the designated slave panel when linked.

Master / slave

Panels will operate in tandem, i.e. pressing the button on either panel will cause both panels to operate.

Dual master (Equals)

Either panel can take control of both panels. A button must be used to select master mode. Pressing the button on one panel will cause it to take control of both. The mode button LED will turn on continuously on the master panel and flash on the slave panel indicating their state. A second press of the mode button will relinquish control.

Alternate masters
Panel Linking
Second RS232 serial port

This mode of operation is only available on the Synergy 1041/2, 1081/2 and 2081/2 versions of firmware upgrade. In this mode of operation the port can be enabled as a completely configurable RS232 port for additional control of RS232 devices. This also allows the panel to be integrated into a BMS system using a suitable 3rd party interface.

Linking to Synergy peripherals and PC's

The port can be used to control Synergy peripherals such as the AU4 audio controller. The Syn-Link port can also be used to control the Synergy panel from a PC running the SynSym utility. On running SynSym the PC will upload the panel configuration and display an image of the panel. SynSym and the panel will then operate in parallel.