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Synergy XM80

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The Synergy XM80 is the Synergy 1080 (8 button controller) mounted on a UK 2 gang white metal panel. Ideal for basic control of projectors, plasma and LCD's displays via RS232, IR or both.

Also fitted on the panel are VGA, HDMI, USB-B & 3.5mm Stereo Jack connector with 90 degree connectors on the rear of the plate, so pre-made cables can be used. (Back to back VGA and HDMI connectors can also be fitted).
Detachable screw terminals are used on the controller for all outgoing and power connections for ease of installation.

RS232 and IR commands can be loaded from the embedded libraries or user created files.

Two outputs are provided for control of external relays or indicators for screen control etc. It also has one external input for use with an external switch or a PIR detector for additional control functions or shutdown.

The XM80 can be programmed using the quick and easy software using a simple menu structure with 'drag and drop' configurations along with both central and user created libraries for both RS232 and IR functions.
See how to document here.

The Syn-Link port provides linking of panels in multi-room systems, connection to Synergy peripherals or control from a PC. This port can be upgraded to operate as a second bi-directional serial port to control other equipment.

Automatic button label generation and printing is included within the software.

Power supply included. UK supplied normally or add "/EU" to order code for European supply.

With the additional EtherLink 232, this unit can link direct into a Ethernet backbone. This will give control of multiple other devices as well as control over the Synergy 1080 over Ethernet via your LAN / WAN network or even over the Internet.

Key features

The Synergy XM80 is an 8 button controller mounted on a UK 2 gang white metal panel, along with VGA, HDMI, USB-B and 3.5mm stereo jack connectors.

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