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SID monitors up to 250 outlying fault detection devices, these can be any combination of the following iKON AVS units:-

 ECM. Eight-channel speaker line monitor.

 DRS. Digital interface, which monitors the state of 24 digital inputs.

All communications between the fault detectors and SID use a proprietary fault tolerant dual fibre network. Both fibre loops are continuously monitored to ensure their integrity and if a fibre fault is detected, SID will log the faults identifying where in the network the failure has occurred. Due to the networks inherent fault tolerance, partial systems can be operated during installation.

A comprehensive array of LED’s and displays are used to confirm the systems operation as well as providing a local indication of fault occurrence, printer fault or network problems. The 4 line, 20 character LCD display is used to display the event no. complete with a time and date stamp as well as a short textual description of the fault and originating unit.

A system can support two SID’s in a Master / Slave configuration.

No longer manufactured. Page is for info only.

Key features

Due to the systems flexibility and fault tolerance it may be used to monitor and report the operational status of:-

The SID system monitor is designed as the central controller for the iKON AVS fault detecting system intended to monitor life safety critical public address systems.