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Wall 16
Euro 8

The Euro8 Podule is a compact 8 button control panel that fits any European standard 50mm ‘snap in’ frame. It combines the convenience of direct RS232 control over display devices with the versatility of Infra red control.

The Octo Podule is a derivative of the Wall16 with only eight illuminated push buttons. This variation has been designed to integrate alongside and/or replace products from other manufacturers.

Easy to use 16 button system controller for use in classrooms, lecture theatres and places of worship where an easy to use multifunction control device is required.

Control Panel Podules
iCS10 Podule
Audio / Video Podules

A fully configurable control system incorporating three routers to handle XVGA and Component video, Composite video and ten channels of audio.

A highly versatile 4:1+1 XVGA and audio switcher with programmable features. The XVGA Podule allows for direct device control ( e.g. projector on when selected), as well as auto switching. Input selection can be from the front panel buttons, RS232, PodNet, timers or automatically.

Relay 2
Control Podules

Designed for use in small lecture theatres and home cinema systems. With the available inputs and outputs you can control dimmers, projectors, plasma screens.

Providing low voltage or mains power switching as well as local switch, DC voltage and RS232 control it is fitted with four 8 amp DP, 240V AC rated relays for screen, blind & curtain control as well as general power and loudspeakers switching.

The Chrono Pod is designed for scheduling events using the internal real time clock with automatic daylight saving.



8 Button control panel for use with Podules. Connected via PodNet


IR code capture device for use with a PC. Used to capture IR codes from handsets for use with PodFlow.

Accessories R mounts
Power Supplies Power Supplies
R mounts PRP2