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The PRP2 has been uniquely designed to work with the WALL 15, WALL 16, OCTO POD, CIR-R POD and RELAY POD, allowing them to control an electric projector screen or any other mains voltage device.

The PRP2 gets its input power (24V) and control signals via the PODs V+ and Open Collector outputs. A detachable screw terminal connector in the PRP2 is used to connect directly to these connections.

Fixed screw terminals are provided to connect to the external mains connection and the screen connection. For info on this please see
PRP2 Connect.
The output of the relays are rated at 250V @ 10A.

LED's are provided to indicate the status of the unit allowing easy testing of the unit

The PRP2 board is mounted in a IP55 rated enclosure is designed to be surface mounted on a flat surface.
After removing the cover it will be seen that there are four easily accessible mounting holes.

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