All the Definity controllers can have there functionality extended by purchasing a firmware upgraded. There are three versions of each panel type

iKON can supply any of the controllers programmed to any level of firmware if you know which type of panel you need at purchase. The Definty approach allows you to stock standard base (0) versions definities and then quickly upgrade them as needed.

To purchase an update you will need to obtain the serial number of your controller, this is a set of four number separated with decimal points. This can be found on the rear of the unit. Or you can obtained it using the Synergy editor, just start the editor on a blank configuration click "download" and the programming window will report the serial number of the connect controller, then press "Cancel", DO NOT PROGRAM THE UNIT.  Then email or telephone iKON AVS with the following information.

You will need to download and install the Synergy firmware tool. On receipt of the firmware file save it to your hard-drive and double click it. This will start the the firmware upgrade automatically. Please note each upgrade file will only operate on the controller it was intended for, if you intend to upgrade several controllers you will need to send the serial number of each unit.