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For critical systems the use of dual redundant fibres is included as is the injection and verification of surveillance signals. Simultaneous monitoring, control & serial data channels are embedded allowing a comprehensive digital interface & distribution system to be easily implemented.

Audio Inputs

Dual audio line level inputs are provided on screw terminal connector for easier connection

Audio Outputs

The two audio balanced outputs are each fitted with programmable three band EQ, Level and Mute. Both outputs can have an adjustable 20KHz surveillance tone mixed with the audio signal.

Data I/O

Simple data connections to support selective paging ( for ring applications ) and channel routing are incorporated accessible from the Control Port. A second port allows the connection of a single RS232, RS422 or RS485 data channel with a maximum baud rate of 38,400 to be carried transparently over the same network as the audio.

The system can be used in three basic operating modes:-

Point to Point ( with embedded data if required ),
With the Audio Data Receiver for multiple paging station interface to a distributed audio system,
As a ring network with selective paging,
dual network redundancy and supporting dual master station operation.

The DAI-4 is a fault tolerant dual channel audio transmitter / receiver using a dual optical fibre system . It also provides a RS232/RS422/RS485 serial link and contact state transmission.

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