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Counterfeit Warning!

Not strictly counterfeiting, but a close copy.

It’s said that imitation is the best form of flattery, but when a product is copied so exactly that the obvious assumption is that it is intended to sell on the name associated with its creator. That’s the unfortunate position we find ourselves in at iKON AVS when a number of our popular adapters, most notably HDMI, have been copied. It even goes as far as the perpetrator using photos of our adapters with the name scratched off in their advertising.

What is supplied is a different part to the photo, after all its not of our manufacturer, and its also missing some vital components of the original design. Based upon the samples we have tested they are also using inferior quality parts that whilst looking the same don’t perform the same.

Whilst the Chamber of Commerce and DTI are investigating this as it breaks some EEC rules about importing copies of EU produced goods, please be warned that whilst a copy of our adapters may appear a little cheaper than our original, the quality is suspect and they don’t carry the same level of support and the iKON 3 year warranty.

Our branded products are available from a number if distributors including CPC, Canford Audio, AV4 Home, ConnectorCo as well as directly from iKON in attractively priced OEM quantities.