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KPC 2.8 Touch Screen
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KPC 2.8 Touch Screen

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The Axium KPC 2.8-IP keypad is a programable 2.8” colour touch screen.

Capable of learning and sending Infra Red commands, the KPC2.8-IP can be used as a stand alone keypad to control virtully and IR controlled device.When used with the Axium Multi-Zone amplifier or iKON MTX-A88 audio matrix, full 2-way feedback of source selection, power, mute & volume is provided.
Full 2-way RS232 and IP control is also available when connected to an Axium AX-R1D or AX-R4D controller using the prebuild Axium applets.

Setup by the Axium keypad manager software, the KPC2.8-IP includes a host of features to simplify programming and enhance the amplifier and source equipment control.

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Key features

The Axium KPC 2.8-IP keypad is a programmable 2.8” colour LCD Touch screen. Being capable of learning and sending IR commands. The KPC 2.8-IP can be used as a standalone keypad to control virtually any IR controlled device.

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